Whether you are a speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy pediatric practice – these 5 new income ideas could be the perfect idea to help grow your therapy business!

Idea 1: Kids Camps

In the summer, parents are desperate to find new activities for their little ones – and yes, basketball or soccer camps are great! But this could be a perfect idea to add just not more revenue from direct kids camp sales but also to bring in new patients to your clinic through this visibility.

There’s likely a lot of awesome kids camps ideas but a few ideas (and you can change these titles to be a better fit for your target audiences needs) could include:

  • Sensory Skills/Fun Outdoors Kids Camp – where children could explore different outdoor areas, or do fun hikes with education along the way on the trees, plants and nature.  This is a great way to have parents pull their child away from the cell phone for a little while.
  • Developmental Kids Camps – this is a pretty broad topic, but perhaps you feel like there are a lot of children that are missing a certain milestone. You could create different camps based on trying to achieve that milestone.
  • Balance and Fitness – this could be just a general fitness camp, where perhaps children get to try a variety of different sports and fitness activities to encourage global movement, healthy weight, healthy lifestyle.

The great thing about a kids camp is that often you need very little to no equipment so the cost to add this to your clinic should be fairly low. You already have lots of pediatric clients and so you’ll likely already have a lot of interest from your camps from your current clients. And depending on your camp topic, you may not need a therapist to run the clinic, and could potentially use a lower paid role a therapy assistant or personal trainer.

Idea 2: Assistive Technology In The School And/or Home

There are so many amazing pieces of equipment that can enable children to live a happier, healthier, and more involved life. But sometimes, parents or schools may not know about these amazing changes.

I think this could be a very rewarding service addition, where you could come to assess the school and/or home to see what equipment or what adjustments to current equipment could be provided to help aid the child in improved ability to participate in school and in activities of daily living at home. Once you assess the home/school, then you could help order and set up the equipment depending on the pieces of equipment. And then likely an additional follow-up could be beneficial to check on the results of the equipment.

Idea 3: Posture and Health Screens

Tech neck, also known as the neck pain and poor posture that develops due to phone or computer use, isn’t isolated to just adults. Children are spending more and more time on the phone and computer, and this is causing more postural deficits in the younger population.

Performing postural screens, with parents permission of course, could be a way to prevent or reduce the prevalence of tech neck in the young adult community and so not only are you helping bring light to this new worsening condition as well as new patients for your clinic.


We hope these several ideas help grow your therapy clinic and inspire more children to live healthier and happier lives!

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