Does patient documentation seem like a chore? Have you felt it takes too much of your time? Is there a better solution? What if therapy notes became a vital part of improved patient outcomes?

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) aims to support clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes. Yet, they recognize patient care is a complex task. This task depends on thorough reporting.

Many speech-language pathologists are scratching their heads. They understand patient reporting is vital. Yet, they feel frustrated with the countless hours needed to do it. HelloNote is here to help you with all of your electronic medical record needs.

What is EMR for Speech Therapy?

EMR, or electronic medical records, involves tracking patient information through clinical documentation. JCAHO doesn’t require a specific EMR format. You’re good as long as the documentation conforms to federal, state, and local laws. 

Remember to consider your facility’s standards. HelloNote provides an EMR for speech therapists that tracks patients’ information while complying with laws and standards. 

Web-based EMRs allow speech therapists to streamline documentation. Online EMR systems are commonly used in modern medical practices. However, knowing which EMR to choose can be overwhelming. When choosing a speech therapy EMR consider the following:

  • Compliance
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Cloud-based
  • Convenient
  • Customizable
  • Continued growth availability

Maintain Compliance with EMR for Speech Therapy

Not all speech therapy EMR software systems are created equal. Your primary concern should be maintaining regulatory compliance. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), HIPAA violations can cost therapists anywhere from $100 – $50,000.

The EMR you choose must be a secure, compliant documentation tool. At HelloNote, we offer data encryption and encrypted backups ensuring HIPAA compliance. We also provide secure messaging, which allows therapists to safely communicate with patients. Creating defensible, comprehensive, patient-centric documentation is our goal here at HelloNote.

All-In-One Speech Therapy Practice Management Software

Some EMR systems leave therapy practitioners feeling disheartened and frustrated. Imagine buying a management software system only to find you need to purchase more software. Here at HelloNote, we provide an all-in-one therapy management system. We find it very important to include the following key elements in our software:

  1. Scheduling: Our management software provides resources to manage schedules and optimize workflow, and we also offer automated appointment reminders
  2. Billing: Therapy clinics need billing tools that simplify recording and data sharing. Our one-click billing and claim generator allows therapists to take control of revenue
  3. Data tracking: Our therapy management software provides data tracking, which gives STs timely and measurable feedback
  4. Telehealth: Not all EMR software solutions provide telehealth. But, with HelloNote, we offer telehealth availability so therapists can virtually serve patients worldwide
  5. Web-based: With remote work increasing, accessing and sharing patient information is vital. Secure communication improves collaboration and patient adherence
  6. Security: At HelloNote, we promote compliant, complete, and defensible record-keeping. Security is foundational to our effective EMR system
  7. Affordable: Speech therapy EMRs should not break the bank. HelloNote serves healthcare organizations of all sizes and provides straightforward pricing that works for any practice

Patient Chart Access and Sharing Anywhere

Cloud-based EMRs like HelloNote, allow therapists to access notes and records anywhere. Many STs want to review patient reports before an appointment. Digital management software solutions also enable team collaboration and multidisciplinary care.

In 2022, Medicare created five CPT codes for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). Therapists are now reimbursed for virtual patient monitoring. These Medicare allowances make remote work much more accessible.

Simple Electronic Medical Record Software for Speech Therapists

Electronic medical records should simplify and streamline speech therapists’ workload. Some EMR systems are so customizable that they are overly complicated.

Therapists become weary of repetitive documentation. Other solutions limit reporting options. With these, speech therapists find it difficult to be specific.

With HelloNote, our simple EMR system for speech therapists is an all-in-one tool ready to lighten your workload.

Templates are helpful. Yet, customizable templates are a win-win. Efficiency and thoroughness become possible.

HelloNote’s easy-to-use templates provide efficiency while allowing for integral information documentation.

EMR Software Designed for Speech Therapists

Modern medical professionals use electronic medical records. However, therapists have unique needs. Speech-language pathologists need management software created by therapists and for therapists.

HelloNote is the only community-driven EMR software built by therapists. With this system, documentation is thorough, easy, and efficient.

HelloNote provides software that answers documentation needs.

Because we are a team of therapists, we understand the needs of therapists.

We have felt the frustration of duplicate documentation.

We have felt the burden of excessive paperwork.

We have felt the weight of inefficient reporting systems.

HelloNote is dedicated to finding efficient solutions using superior, intuitive EMR software. We are passionate about supporting therapists. This passion allows you more time with patients and less time with devices.

Interested? Check out HelloNote’s mission and pricing. Our staff is passionate about helping you and your business become maximally effective.

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