HelloNote 2.0 Migration Request

We are almost ready to migrate all HelloNote users onto the long-awaited HelloNote 2.0. To ensure this process is smooth and efficient, please fill out the short form below, and indicate your priority request.

Upon filling out this form, we will contact you within a few weeks to let you know the week your office is scheduled to be migrated. The migration will be done over the weekend to limit any downtime. You will be notified at least a week prior to your migration date. We anticipate all HelloNote users will be migrated by October depending on priority level. The initial HelloNote 2.0 launch will aim to migrate all users to a stable new platform with the same features as 1.0.

Your data will automatically flow over to HelloNote 2.0, including schedule, patient records, and documentation. Once you’ve been migrated, please visit this link to convert your account from HelloNote 1.0 to 2.0 (this is a one-time process): https://hellonote.com/accountmigrate/

Thank you for being our partner in service, and we are excited to roll out the next chapter of HelloNote EMR with many new updates and services coming soon!

Some of our Planned Updates

HN 2.0 Migration
Migration Priority
AJULY 2023

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