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HelloNote believes in diversity of experiences, skills, and backgrounds. From our core vision and our passion to innovate, we are always looking for talent to help us grow and share our mission to bring an ultimate EMR to the market and jumpstart their EMR career.

We are growing, and so will you. Since we started in 2013 we’ve gone from an idea to a practice management solution catering to multi-disciplinary clinics and mobile providers. We are driven by passion and innovation, allowing for creative minds to collaborate and bring a unique product to the market. 

Thousands of users trust HelloNote and we strive to make sure all team members are part of our decision making and innovation. We are on the hunt for talented people to help us continue making our vision a reality.

Please email us at hello@hellonote.com if you are interested in any of the positions below. Be part of us and start your EMR career.

Use subject line: “Open position”, and attach your resume.

The Hiring Process

1. Apply to one of the open positions below by emailing us at hello@hellonote.com (subject: Open position) with your resume attached.
2. One of our hiring team members will review your resume, and if they think it’s a good match, will reach out to schedule a phone call with you. This call will be focused on discussing your emr career goals and the job requirements to make sure the role meets your career goals.
3. You will be scheduled for an in-person or virtual interview.
4. Our hiring team will discuss your position and make sure you meet the criteria for the position. An additional assessment or short exercise may be asked for us to make a decision.
5. We will let you know as soon as possible of our decision.

Current Open Positions

Software Engineer

Mobile Engineer

Account Manager

Customer Success Manager

An electronic medical record is a computerized database that contains information about your health history. This includes diagnoses, medicines and tests from the past as well as plans for future care needs whether they be minor adjustments to an existing treatment plan or something completely new like vaccinations against diseases you haven’t yet been diagnosed with. Contact us if you want to start your EMR career.

The term “EHR” is often used interchangeably with ‘electronic medical record’, but there are great differences between them. An EMR contains all patient information in one place while an electronic healthcare records can be accessed from anywhere at any time on a mobile device or computer via the internet; this makes it easier for patients who may not always have access to health care providers. Our company is currently hiring. Call us if you want to start your EMR career.

The use of EMRs or electronic medical records has been shown to improve patient care by providing access and storage for all aspects related to your health. These benefits extend beyond just storing information about you, they also help manage finances with incentive programs that promote efficiency in healthcare organizations across America! Want to start your EMR career? Let us know by calling us!

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