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Connecting Therapists with Patients

Here at HelloNote, we are dedicated to finding solutions to help make your practice management more efficient. We created a superior and intuitive EMR telehealth software to help you worry less about repetitive, menial tasks, spend more time with your patients and provide them with better quality care. The telehealth software technology allows us to add new and innovative features to HelloNote, including patient portal and telehealth!

Telehealth software has been around for years, however it has become more popular due to the advances in technology. More people have access to internet capable devices, allowing easier access to healthcare. Combining a patient portal and telehealth, allows therapist to save time, money and schedule more visits with patients. Some advantages include:

HelloNote TeleHealth Software

  • Extend your therapy services to clients who cannot come out to see you in the clinic.
  • Allow patients to fill out demographics and insurance information prior to visits
  • Have patients sign consent forms prior to coming in to the office
  • Save on therapist and patient time.
  • Save money on transportation, including travel cost, gas, parking, etc.
  • Less stress, no need to worry about running late due to traffic or parking.
  • Flexibility of scheduling appointments during convenient times (during lunch breaks, work breaks, off-hours), patients don’t need to take time off of work or valuable personal time.
  • Prevent spread of illness, no need to be in a room where others are. Especially in crowded waiting rooms!
  • Schedule appointments more frequently! Telehealth makes it easier to schedule and commit to appointments.
  • Allow patients to request appointments online.

Our Telehealth software allows patients and therapists to free up more time, without giving up valuable treatment approaches.

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