Business Builder

The growth of a business is dependent on the entrepreneurs who start it. Some will get venture capital as their potential becomes more obvious, while others learn how to be financially efficient and self-fund without any outside help from VCs or other investors. To be successful in the modern business world, you need to start and grow your company with help from others. Some people can get funding through venture capital, while others learn how to become financially efficient. With the business builder, you can have the best support system to help you start and grow your business. Contact HelloNote so we can provide you with our business builder!

business builder

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Do you want to start your own or grow your business?
  • Do you have no idea where to start or how to grow your business?
  • Do you want to have a support system to help you build and grow your business?
  • Do you have no time or money to start or grow your own business?
  • Do you want to save time and money?
  • Do you want less stress?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!

  • Education and training on building a business from the ground up
  • Insurance credentialing, including Medicare and private payers
  • Marketing templates and training, including logo, website, and business cards
  • Business forms, including intake, consent, policy and procedure manuals
  • EMR and billing training to save you time and money
  • Exclusive discounts on pricing

Start and Build Your Practice Focused on Pediatrics or Adults

We have been in your shoes and decided to make a difference and started our own therapy practices.  We continue to have various different practices, including brick and mortar to mobile hybrid practices focused on older adults.  We are passionate about increasing the number of private therapy practices across the country, including those that meet the Age-Friendly Health Care requirements of being an Age-Friendly Health System Therapy Practice.  There are currently more than 46 million Americans 65 and older, and this is expected to double to more than 98 million by 2060 according to the American Hospital Association.

Who is this program for?

    • For the therapist who is overworked, underpaid, has no clinical freedom, and understands that they have the skills and ability to help older adults and their caregivers.
    • For the therapist that wants to start and build a successful practice working with older adults that is recognized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as an Age Friendly Health System.
    • For the therapist that understands to build a successful practice for older adults you need to have a Hybrid Practice (Combination of Medicare Part B & Private Pay).
    • For the therapist that wants to save time and money and minimize stress
    • For the therapist that is not sure which population to serve, we want help you find your niche!

Ready to free up your time and independence by starting your own practice?


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