Gone are the days of paper forms, penned notes, and written records. Clinical reporting is still a legal responsibility of all physical therapists, but digital documentation is the new norm. Electronic medical records improve efficiency, right? Not necessarily.

Have you felt frustrated by duplicate documentation? Are you burdened with excessive computer work? Is an inefficient reporting system driving you crazy?

Comprehensive digital documentation software is a must-have for modern PTs. With many EMR software solutions available, knowing which to choose is hard. The right EMR system can help efficiency, compliance, and growth.

Designed for therapists, HelloNote provides a top-notch EMR system that will save time. Our user-friendly interface helps you create precise documentation with less computer work.

What is Physical Therapy EMR?

EMR, or electronic medical record, is a documentation system that stores medical files. Physical therapy EMRs track patients’ notes, insurance forms, billing information, and more.

Documentation doesn’t have to take so much time. HelloNote is here to assist you with comprehensive, patient-centric reporting. That way, you can focus more on patient care.

When dreaming about your career as a PT, you probably didn’t envision hours behind a computer. You became a physical therapist because you wanted to help people. Yet, increased documentation demands often overshadow the workday.

A comprehensive EMR, like HelloNote, can streamline workflow. We are committed to assisting you with the following:
  • Promote regulatory compliance
  • Enhance workflow
  • Elevate patient care
  • Secure medical records
  • Promote team collaboration

Stay in Compliance with PT EMR

With a fortified EMR system, HelloNote helps physical therapists stay in compliance. Our secure, compliant documentation tool offers data encryption and encrypted backups.

Providing a resource for secure messaging is a must-have. Our encrypted messaging tool lets you communicate with patients and stay HIPAA compliant.

All medical professionals are required to document patient care. Yet, as physical therapists, we understand that you have unique documentation needs. When reporting, you must consider clinical setting and therapy-specific coding.

At HelloNote, our comprehensive EMR software optimizes your efforts. We help track specific Medicare reports and billing data. We also remind you to include relevant ICD and CPT codes.

All-in-One Physical Therapy Practice Management Software

Because PTs have unique documentation and coding needs, PT-specific EMR software is vital. At HelloNote, we include the following key features in our PT-specific EMR software:

  1. Scheduling: Our management software organizes schedules, optimizes workflow, and automates appointment reminders
  2. Billing: Therapy clinics need billing resources that streamline recording and data sharing. With our one-click billing and claim generator, therapists take control of their finances
  3. Data tracking: HelloNote’s management software delivers data tracking. This feature gives you timely and measurable feedback
  4. Telehealth: Not all EMR solutions support telehealth. Our telehealth availability allows therapists to serve patients worldwide
  5. Web-based: With remote work options expanding, accessing and sharing patient information is essential. Our secure software promotes collaboration and patient involvement
  6. Security: HelloNote’s EMR software provides tools for compliant, comprehensive, and defensible documentation. HIPAA compliance is foundational to our secure EMR system
  7. Affordable: HelloNote’s complete practice management software won’t break the bank. With straightforward pricing, we serve therapy practices of all sizes

Access and Share Patient Charts Anywhere

HelloNote’s cloud-based EMR allows you to access patient records from anywhere. Securely storing patient information online is a cinch. PTs can share patient charts, notes, and forms without fear of HIPAA violations.

Often therapists want to review patient notes and records before the scheduled appointment. Our web-based EMR allows physical therapists to prepare, no matter the setting.

A smartphone, tablet, or computer enables clinicians to access patients’ files. By using our cloud-based EMR software, simplified team collaboration is achievable.

HelloNote Provides Solutions

Remote work is on the rise. Businesses are looking for solutions to improve the work-life balance of their employees. 

HelloNote provides these solutions:

  • Workflow demands diminish
  • Businesses keep employees
  • Practices streamline medical records
It is a win-win for everybody.

Easy-to-Use Physical Therapy EMR

Our physical therapy EMR is easy-to-use and intuitive. We ensure that the least tech-savvy PT can easily operate and enjoy our software. PTs no longer have to waste time with inefficient charting.

HelloNote is a documentation gold mine. Our software was created by therapists and for therapists.

  • We understand the demands.
  • We know the tensions.
  • We have felt the frustrations.

If your goals are enhanced workflow, efficiency, and patient care, contact HelloNote.

Improving compliance, efficiency, and patient care are foundational to our success. We are the only therapy practice management solution integrating EMR for maximal efficiency. Our passion is your success!

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