Do documentation demands overshadow patient care? Is your company’s EMR system disjointed and difficult to use?

As an occupational therapist, you are vital to patient rehabilitation. Yet, you may feel like you spend too much time behind a computer. You crave more time with your patients.

Many therapy practices have learned the hard way. After purchasing multiple inefficient software systems, you wonder, “Is there a better way?”

A cloud-based, comprehensive EMR system integrated with management software is a must-have.

HelloNote provides secure reporting software that conveniently integrates with billing, scheduling, and more. We offer a one-stop shop for all documentation needs of occupational therapists.

Clients often report that documentation time decreases by 50% after using HelloNote.

Improved efficiency, compliance, and convenience are the foundations of our success.

EMR in Occupational Therapy: What Does It Mean?

Electronic medical records, or EMRs, are digital patient files. Accurate documentation is essential for proving charges and providing proper patient care.

As an occupational therapist, you have unique charting responsibilities. It would help to have documentation software that meets your specific needs.

Modern medical practices use web-based digital systems. These solutions save time, improve workflow, and encourage patient care.

Our OT-specific EMR system tracks visit notes, billing info, insurance data, and more. This allows therapists to record documentation while sharing information across various settings.

Keep Your Practice in Compliance with OT EMR

As you know, privacy is vital for both you and your patients. Patients feel safe when HIPAA compliance is maintained. Additionally, violations can cost therapists $100 – $50,000 per violation. 

With our fortified EMR software, HelloNote helps therapists and practices avoid unnecessary expenses. Encrypted data, backups, and messaging are essential for your therapy practice EMR. 

HelloNote’s secure messaging solution helps maximize your efforts while maintaining patient privacy.

Our software allows OTs to track Medicare reports and billing. We also remind you to include relevant ICD and CPT codes. Keeping your practice compliant is our priority.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Patient Records

Cloud-based EMRs, like HelloNote, allow therapists to access patient files anytime and anywhere. Safeguarding patient records while sharing charts, notes, and information is accessible with our software.

Since 2020, remote work has become prevalent. You can work anywhere and anytime with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. With our web-based EMR, you can review your patient’s file and prep for a visit without going to the office.

With HelloNote, the weight of workflow diminishes.

Record-keeping is streamlined.

Team collaboration is simplified

Messaging with patients and colleagues is secure.

Everyone wins!

Complete Practice Management System for Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists have reporting requirements that other medical professionals do not. As an OT, you need an EMR system that works for you. Our management system integrates with EMR to avoid wasting time with duplicate documentation.

HelloNote has created a comprehensive software system. Our therapy management solution includes the following essential features:

  1. Scheduling: Here at HelloNote, we help better you make scheduling easier and set up appointment reminders
  2. Billing: Therapy practices need an EMR system that integrates with billing software. HelloNote offers a one-click billing and claims generator. This essential feature enables therapists to manage revenue
  3. Data tracking: Occupational therapists require real-time data tracking for quality care. With our digital charts and graphs, you have valuable insights that direct patient care
  4. Security: HIPAA compliance is a priority for HelloNote. We aim to help you create defensible documentation, secure messaging, and safe information sharing
  5. Telehealth: HelloNote believes telehealth is essential for a comprehensive, global management system. Not all software companies feel the same
  6. Web-based: Our EMR management software allows team collaboration, remote work, and timely reporting
  7. Affordable: Our scalable, easy-to-use system is affordable. With HelloNote’s straightforward pricing, we have plans to fit any budget

Occupational Therapists can Benefit from Easy-to-Use EMR Software

HelloNote is a software company created by therapists and for therapists. Many clients say that HelloNote has cut their documentation time in half.

Improved efficiency and patient care are baseline standards that drive our success and determination to help therapists. Our EMR management software helps you become effective and efficient.

We recognize the pressures of compliant documentation.

We understand the tensions of inefficient reporting systems.

We have felt the frustration of duplicate documentation.

For your solution to these obstacles, we created software to provide superior, intuitive EMR to streamline your workflow. We strive to make your practice effective and efficient.

Does HelloNote seem too good to be true? Learn more about how we can help simplify your therapy practice.

As therapists, we are eager to help you and your business get back to what you love…patient care.

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