The scariest part of starting a therapy private practice, is selling yourself. We’ve spent our careers using insurance either as employees or practice owners, but what if we wanted to pivot to cash pay – what will patients say? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the conversation you’ll have with patients if you want to charge cash for PT, OT or SLP services.

The Cash Based Sales Script for PT, OT and SLP Practices:

Reframe Your Mindset:

Before we go into the sales flow, it’s important to reframe the conversation you’ll have with your patient, caregiver, or family member.  Instead of thinking of this as a sales call, which when we think this way can make us feel scared, slimy, and not why we started our practice, we should instead just focus on the call on the following:

Answer any of our potential patient or their loved ones questions to the best of our abilities

Guiding this potential patients care, making sure they are appropriate for therapy and that you are the best provider for them

Learning about their care and providing care, advise, and recommendations based their diagnosis and aliments

If you treat this consultatory phone call with your therapist hat on, then usually people recognize your passion, your knowledge, and your ability to help them. And this attitude can really help make you feel more comfortable on these sales calls as well as help close more bookings. 

Prepare For Common Questions:

There are going to be some frequent questions that you’ll likely receive on every or at least most phone calls. Having prepared answers to these questions will greatly improve your confidence and comfort and success with your sales calls just like reframing your mind will.

Common questions may include: 

Why choose you vs the other practices?

Prepare this answer by looking at what your competitors are doing and how you are different? Is it the time you spend with the patient? Is it your credentials or extra certifications? Is it your demeanor and personality? Is it your background/experience? Is it the tools or technology you use? Is it the extra accountability or apps or education your provide included in your services?

There are a number of things you ask yourself to help prepare for this question but think about the hard and soft skills that make you special. 

Why should I pay cash vs using insurance?

How long have you been practicing, what have you treated (this may also be said in a way where they ask if you’ve seen their diagnosis), what is your experience? In this question, just be prepared to say how many years you’ve been a practitioner for, what settings and diagnosis you’ve seen, and if you know the prospective  client’s diagnosis ahead of time then you can prepare an answer about the experience with their diagnosis. 

Keys for these common questions is to, within HIPPA, provide patient success stories and real examples. This helps patients visualize how you’ll treat them and feel more confident that you’ve had success with their diagnoses. 

Sales Script Template for PT, OT, and SLP clinics: 

Welcome them:

YOU: Hi ___name_______, thank you so much for your interest in our practice! I’d love to know what is causing you to reach out for our _____PT,OT,SLP___therapy services? 

PATIENT: Patient will talk about his pain, diagnosis, aliments. You’ll simply listen and take notes.

Review what they said:

YOU: Thank you for sharing that information. Let me just summarize so that we are on the same page and then we’ll talk about how I can help you, as I really feel like we could make a dramatic impact on your ___pain, quality of life, walking etc______________________.

Perform brief summary. Then ask, is that correct?

PATIENT: Yes, that’s correct! Finally, someone who is listening!

Now impress them with patient example and what you would do to help:

YOU: Great, I’m glad we are on the same page and we have treated a lot of people in your same situation! In fact _____share patient success story (brief story)__________________________.  We would focus on address __briefly cover how you would help them, what the issue is______________________. 

PATIENT:  Wow, that sounds like that is what I need!

Now schedule them: 

YOU: Oh good, I’m so glad – we really try hard to make sure we can help and that everyone is in the best place to feel better! 

I would love to schedule you for your evaluation – we are a cash only clinic and the evaluation is $150. Included in the evaluation is a full hour one on one with one of our highly skilled therapists who will answer all your questions, perform a detailed evaluation of diagnosis, and give you several things you can do that very same day to make you feel much better.  Although we accept only cash, we’ll also provide you with what’s called a “superbill” that you can take to get reimbursement back from your insurance. 

This is the hardest part of the call. You have built repour, made sure the prospective patient is the right fit, and proven your knowledge level. This point in the call is where the prospective patient may have some hesitations. 

PATIENT: I’m not sure I can afford that…….

YOU:  This is where you could talk about results, perhaps you get patients better in less visits that other clinics. That’s at least a $20 co pay savings each time. So they can make up that savings in co pays.  

You can also talk about that you have had direct experience and that they have been trying to have help for years with no avail, this is that chance to really get better. 

You can also explain the superbill and how that will offset their costs and so really the end cost could likely be 50% of that, so only $70. 

Make sure to try to schedule them on the call and take payment on the call. 

Post Call:

Make sure you’ve set up text and email reminders for patient to ensure they show up to their evaluation. 

Make sure you email them a thank you email about how excited you are to see them, parking details, and any other important information they may need to make their visit with you easy and stress free. 


We hope this sales guide has helped to illustrate how you can just be yourself and let best patient care help you in your success.  The more you practice this script the easier it will be as well and you’ll learn the nuances of your particular city and patient population as well. 

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