SEO or search engine optimization is great way to help you get more patients for free, using the improved ranking and visibility of your website. In this article, we’ll give you the 10 most important SEO check points you should do to get your webpages to show up front and center to your patients.

  • Keywords in your title:

Put keywords in the title on your main page, throughout your main page, and when you do the SEO functions on your web host.  These keywords would include physical/occupational/speech therapy, your location, and your business name.

  • Write detailed and meaningful content:

When writing content (aka blogs), make them roughly 1500 or more words, make them meaningful and helpful, and use similar keywords as above. When using keywords, you can repeat the same word but also look for synonyms to your keywords.

It helps to have bullet points, different bold or italics titles, and images throughout your content as well.

  • Link to other helpful articles you have written:

When writing content/blogs, link to previous articles you have written. This helps people stay longer on your website and helps them find the content they truly need or are looking for. Google takes into consideration how long people are staying on your website and this helps you rank.

  • Answer the questions people are really looking for. 

When you type a question in google, you’ll see related searches auto filling below your search bar. These are other ideas for questions that people are commonly searching for. While it is good to have niche content, you want to have content that can bring many people to your site as well.

  • Create a Google My Business Account:

Have you ever searched for say, a “restaurant near me” and magically restaurants pop up with images and information on the right hand side. This is accomplished when people have a Google My Business  (GMB)Account.  These websites don’t necessarily have the number 1 rank, but because they are in the vicinity near you and have a GMB account, they get moved up to the top in these searches.

GMB is 100% free and takes just a minute to set up. The more detailed you can be, such as including your website, phone, address, hours, description and photos will help your GMB rank above others and if you can get reviews on your account, this will help even further.

  • Get Backlinks:

Backlinks are links to your website on other websites. By having other websites mention you, Google starts to see you as an authority in your industry and this will help you rank higher in the search results. You can start by getting links from friends and other business owners who have a website, but for real changes to your website ranking you’ll want to be mentioned on major websites.

There are several ways to get backlinks on major websites:

  • You can get a backlink on major websites by using resources like HARO to answer questions and write short articles for major websites
  • You can also reach out to websites and pitch them content.
  • You can create relationships with other influencers and authorities in your niche. You can do this by creating podcasts or doing webinars or interviews. You could have those websites share this content and link to you or in the future they may invite you onto their show and get a backlink through their podcast/blog/video content.

SEO can be very complex but these simple tips are a great start to helping your website rank and as result get seen by many more potential patients! If you are looking for an all in one EMR for your therapy practice, we invite you to schedule a free demo here with HelloNote Practice Management Solution – #1 Medical Practice Management (

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