• April 2, 2023
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GeriHab Physical Therapy and Wellness has grown to provide between 100-150 therapy visits per week within the span of just a few years. How did this small company become a dominant presence in Tennessee for delivering geraitric outpatient and home health?  The answer is simple: hustle, technology and systems.

How HelloNote Changed Mike’s Clinic In 2020:
One of the key systems in GeriHab’s workflow is it’s EMR system, powered by HelloNote.  When you first start your therapy practice, you may be able to get away with using something simple like Google Docs, but to become a scalable and profitable clinic, you need to hire staff and create systems. Systems which include having a fast, simple to use, comprehensive and affordable EMR.

Mike Chua is the CEO and owner of GeriHab Physical Therapy and transitioned his business to use HelloNote in 2020 as he needed an EMR that could perform HIPPA compliant documentation, help him with his billing, perform faxing, and most importantly that he could affordably use for his 30 staff and contractors.

Prior to 2020, he wasn’t using anything!

He was prompted to use HelloNote because “I just didn’t want to hand write notes any more and submit it manually.”

Note only was he more stressed trying to do all these roles manually, but it was taking time away from seeing patients – which was costing him valuable income. In addition, it was taking away from the patients his staff could see as well.

Why did GeriHab Physical Therapy and Wellness choose HelloNote as its EMR of choice? 

There are a lot of EMR choices for rehabilitation clinics and so it can easily be overwhelming. But when asked Dr. Mike Chua why he chose HelloNote, his answer was:

“It’s very affordable! I have 30 staff and contractors, but HelloNote includes nonclinical staff for free – enabling me to share my account with my virtual assistant”.  Many times one of our first hires is to hire a VA or virtual assistant to help with communication, scheduling, calling, reminders, and other tasks. HelloNote only charges for clinical staff, and so worry free Mike was already early on able to scale without that additional cost burden.

Mike also reported that another key factor in his decision was “the customer support, which was great!”. HelloNote has phone, chat, email support and they even walk you through your first patient for free so that you feel confident with their software.

What are key tips from a thriving practice like GeriHab Physical Therapy and Wellness to help grow your practice? 

Dr. Mike Chua’s top tip are to “Learn and delegate.  Especially the things you don’t like! I don’t enjoy billing and authorizations so they were the first I delegated.” Hellonote makes this very easy as they have integrated billing providers so you can offload your billing from your long CEO to-do list.

Would Dr. Mike Chua recommend HelloNote to other clinicians? 

Mike’ practice is steadily and growing and he largely thanks this to his hustle, hard work, ability to delegate but also to the systems he has put in place. When you are dealing with 30 staff and contractors and 100-150 visits per week, you need a reliable EMR system as this is the cornerstone to any therapy practice. “I 100% recommend HelloNote” says Dr. Mike Chua, “they are constantly improving, are helpful, and affordable.”

Hellonote is so proud of Dr. Mike Chua and GeriHab! We are a company that loves to share our customers success and so feel free to contact us if you want us to share your success too at hello@hellonote.com. And if you are interested in using HelloNote, come set up a free demonstration here: https://hellonote.com/scheduledemo/.

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