• December 21, 2020
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As Christmas and the end of the year quickly approaches, you may know someone who recently opened up their own PT business or you might be a patient who is looking for a good gift idea for the PT clinic you are going to. Here, at HelloNote, we wanted to make Christmas shopping a little bit easier for you and provide you with a few gift ideas that would be extremely useful for any clinic owner or PT business. Let’s take a look at four gift ideas that any PT clinic would graciously accept and be able to use for years to come.

  1. Webcam: 2020 has been a very unique year in that several shutdowns have occurred forcing businesses, especially PT clinics, to offer online options to be able to provide continued care for their patients. As a result of these shutdowns and the COVID related CDC guidelines, you may have noticed that several physical therapy clinics began offering an increased number of telehealth vs in-person appointments. Telehealth has been an up and coming physical therapy option which exponentially grew this year due to unforeseen circumstances, and will likely continue to be a highly requested option going forward. With that being said, one extremely practical gift for a physical therapy clinic is a good quality webcam so that physical therapists and other clinicians have the best equipment for demonstration of exercises and providing cueing and feedback to patients without having to worry about the picture quality.
  2. Microphone: Along similar lines to the webcam idea, another crucial piece of equipment for clinics to have is a high quality microphone. Oftentimes physical therapists talk A LOT during telehealth appointments in order to ensure the patient is completing their exercises correctly or is properly understanding the patient education the therapist is providing. It is necessary for patients to receive cueing and feedback, while completing exercises during their telehealth appointment, so that the patient is able to properly perform those same exercises at home, when the physical therapist is not with them, for continued healing and progression. A microphone is also very important for physical therapist businesses to be able to offer webinars and live classes online. With the number of people working from home now, numerous physical therapists have begun offering one hour live webinars on specific topics, such as ergonomics, to help reduce the number of related comorbidities which can arise from a “work from home lifestyle”. By having a high quality microphone, the therapist will be able to focus on presenting the information at hand, and not if their guests can properly hear them or not.
  3. EMR software: Whether the physical therapy practice just opened this year or they have been in business for a few years, every clinic needs an EMR software to be able to complete their documentation, billing, and host their telehealth appointments, while remaining HIPAA compliant. Most EMR software systems are paid for on either a monthly or annually basis, so pitching in and/or buying a monthly or annual subscription to an EMR software would immensely help any physical therapy clinic. If the clinic has already been in business for a couple of years, then one way to go about this is to find out which EMR software the clinic is currently using and if they plan to continue to use that system for the next few months or year. If the clinic is brand new or does not appear to be happy with their current EMR software, then one good suggestion is HelloNote as it provides users with several features, including: calendar & patient scheduling, patient portal, HIPAA compliant telehealth appointments, documentation and billing capabilities. HelloNote also offers two different monthly options, depending on the clinic and its needs. Also, if you are a PT business owner who wants to gift an EMR software to one of your fellow PT entrepreneurs, then check out HelloNote’s refer-a-friend program which has benefits for both of you.
  4. Informational posters/models: Our last gift idea focuses more on items that are used within the walls of the clinic or during the patient education portion of the initial evaluation and subsequent treatment sessions for patients to have a better understanding of what is going on within the body. Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? This is huge because the best way for a patient to understand their condition or diagnosis is by being shown pictures or models of the joints, muscles, nerves or tissues within the body. To assist with this process, you could buy posters, images, or even models of the spine, different joints, muscle groups, etc. which the physical therapy clinic could use to emphasize the affected structures and areas during the initial evaluation.


While buying Christmas gifts can be very difficult, especially when buying for a physical therapy clinic or business owner, keep it simple and reference the above gift idea options. There are many other options apart from the ideas listed above, but for the most practical present ideas and the shift to online appointments, all clinics would benefit from a webcam, microphone, EMR software, and/or informational posters/models.

Did you know that business expenses can be deducted as well! Although these may be a little of Christmas splurge to help your business grow, the wonderful thing is that all of these purchases – including Hellonote- can be deducted from your end of year taxes as a business expense.

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