HelloNote Training

Whether you run your own show or simply just starting, HelloNote is there for you. Our software is built to make managing your business simple, allowing you to have more time to treat your patients without compromising your business. Our software is built with state of the art technology and tools to keep you running efficiently and profitably.

We are a team of therapists and we are well aware of the problems practitioners face with the current EMRs on the market. We know how frustrating dealing with different systems can be and paperwork can be overwhelming! We built HelloNote because we want your life as a therapist to focus on patient-care, not hours on the computer.

Here at HelloNote, we are dedicated to finding solutions to help make your practice management more efficient. We created a superior and intuitive EMR to help you worry less about repetitive, menial tasks, spend more time with your patients and provide them with better quality care.

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