HelloNote Onboarding

☐ Demo

☐ Pay Invoice

☐ Sign Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

☐ If porting an existing fax number, please submit LOA form to hello@hellonote.com (can take up to 15 days to port depending on your existing eFax provider)

☐ If you have custom Intake/Consent forms, please send it to hello@hellonote.com (please allow 3 – 5 business days for processing)

☐ If you are switching from another EMR, you can send us import files for us to import for you. We can also help with placeholder evaluations so you can continue
documentation for your existing patients.

☐ Account set up with Inovalon (can take up to 5 business days)

☐ Submit your EDI and ERA applications for each insurance you need to bill (can take up to 1 week, please submit this timely to avoid delays)

☐ EDI and ERA applications can take 30 to 45 days to process depending on the payer.

☐ Once EDI is approved, please let us know and our team will submit a claim for you as a test claim.

☐ Within 2 days, we will confirm with you that the claim has been accepted for processing. If there are any issues, we will notify you right away.

☐ Once your claim is accepted, please let us know right away when you received payment. (Payers can pay within 14 – 60 days pending on the payer)

☐ You will get paid via check from the insurance unless you have an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) with the insurance company.

Onboarding Part I – System Overview
• This covers a system overview of the features and functions of the system.
• This can be scheduled after the completion of the pre-onboarding checklist.

Onboarding Part II – Documentation Review and Q&A
• A therapist specializing in auditing with review an evaluation note you do to provide feedback and best practices.
• Please note that it is important that an evaluation is completed in the system first before we can schedule this session.

Onboarding Part III – Billing Training
• A biller will go over how to submit claims electronically (please ensure that your clearinghouse enrollment has been submitted and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) application is approved)

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@hellonote/videos

Mini Tutorials: https://hellonote.com/tutorials/

System guide: Click here to download

Contact Us:
hello@hellonote.com and (212) 457-1037 for general inquiries

support@hellonote.com and (877) 842-9520 for technical support

We also have monthly webinars for you to join. Please look out for emails and announcements from us!

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