December 2020
2.0 Planning Started
Ideas Formed and Collected

HelloNote 2.0 started out as just a few features and ideas thrown together. As we recognized that the needs of our clients were evolving, we sought to make the necessary changes to our system to accommodate those needs. As a result, we started working on 2.0 In the beginning, we aimed to get as much feedback from clients as we could. After gathering feedback, we assessed the state of HelloNote 1.0 to see what could be improved upon.

Some of our ideas included a messaging system, patient kiosk, and making the software more phone-friendly. We started out by eliminating the long wait times for certain features and worked our way to developing the requested additions to the system. At this point, we had a long way to go but the ideas behind the system were promising.

March 2021
Development Begins
Engineering & Design

In March 2021, our development team embarked on a mission to deliver our clients a revolutionary new system. Despite encountering various challenges along the way, our unwavering determination enabled us to overcome obstacles and successfully craft the initial prototype of 2.0. This prototype represented a much easier future of therapists. Soon enough, using our system, therapists would be able to complete notes, schedule patients, and communicate with patients much faster than they do now.

Along the way, our developers worked together with the support team to ensure that all the glitches clients were dealing with in 1.0 were fixed simultaneously in 2.0. By doing this, our developers were able to predict what problems our clients would need resolved once 2.0 came out.  

October 2022
Internal Testing
Testing Begins

Equipped with the new prototype, our QA team started on a comprehensive testing phase, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring great quality. Moreover, we actively sought valuable feedback from our clients, inviting their insights on the usefulness and relevance of specific features we were piloting.

The 2.0 system we plan to fully roll out in August is a testament to the detailed and involved testing our QA team conducted. We utilized past experiences with HelloNote to make sure that all necessary tests were performed.

May 2023
Soft Launch
First Clients Using HelloNote 2.0

Our real work started as clients began utilizing HelloNote 2.0. With the invaluable assistance of our early adopters, we ironed out any existing glitches and fine-tuned the performance, ensuring an unmatched experience for all our clients.

August 2023
Full Rollout
Let's Get the 2.0 Party Started
We've arrived at our final destination! Our full rollout is scheduled for August. Alongside an incredible event, our clients will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culmination of our relentless efforts within our groundbreaking system!

Join us on August 11th & 12th, 2023 for a day of learning, networking, and innovation!​

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