Massagers, walkers, cushions, foam rollers, putty are just some common items that each day you either order or recommend to patients. And likely, your patients are often asking you for all sorts of recommendations on products. In this article, we’ll give you several tips on how to appropriately add extra income to your practice through these equipment recommendations.

  • Make sure it’s a product you’ve tested and love! 

People trust you, and although not every product works perfect for each person – you want to be able to confidently know that the product you recommend is one of the best out there.

If you recommend a product solely based on the profit it may provide for you, that could damage your reputation and the relationship you have with your patients.

  • Create a recommended products page on your website:

Having a dedicated page on your website is the easiest and best way to recommend products. Each time a patient asks for the best rollator or foam roller, you can simply direct them to your page.

By using  this method, its easy and doesn’t feel sasley.

  • Create affiliate links using Amazon or other direct sellers:

Amazon is one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate what’s called an “affiliate link”. This is a special link that tells Amazon that someone has bought a product through your recommendation, and as result you should get a small percentage of the profits.  Other companies have these similar links you can use as well, although you may have to email or contact certain companies to find out about their affiliate programs.

But an affiliate link makes it very easy to generate passive income from your product recommendations. Let’s use Amazon as our example. Go to Amazon and sign up for their affiliate program. Search for a product you love, and click to create a special link.

Once you have that link copied, you are going to return to your website, and your dedicated equipment page, and paste that link on to the page. You may have to do some small editing to get things to look just how you want them, but that’s it!

Your patient’s won’t have to do anything different either. They’ll simply click on the item on your page and purchase, just as if it were a regular purchase.

  • Provide “How to” Explainer Videos or Photos:

A great way to provide extra value and reason to go to your recommended equipment page may be to include various tips or instructions on how to use the products you recommend.

Another idea is to also include patient (no names of course unless they’ve consented) examples or testimonials of the product’s benefits.


Having a dedicated equipment page saves you time, helps your patient more easily find quality products that could benefit them, and at the same time could earn you extra income. We hope this helps you continue to grow your therapy business!

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