There are many different referral sources you can set up to grow your therapy practice, including connecting with physicians. In this article, we’ll discuss how to market your services to physicians in a way that will set you up for success!

Why Market To Physicians and other medical providers:
Marketing to providers is a great way to get qualified patients. Although you can, and should also, have different marketing methods such as Google My Business, SEO, or advertisements, marketing to physicians should definitely be included in this list.

Some benefits of getting physician referrals include:

  • Already having the doctors order when you start care.
  • The patient will have already be cleared to safely perform therapy.
  • People trust their doctors. When a doctor says, see “clinic x”, there’s a pretty high likely hood that you will!
  • Doctors see lots of potential referrals for your practice. If you can get several doctors that know and trust your practice, then you’ll have a nice generation of patients consistently (hopefully!)

Should You Bring Gifts to Physicians?
Bringing gifts are an a bit outdated as well as no longer allowed if over a certain monetary limit. I remember when I was a PT student intern, I would come along with my clinical instructor as we dropped off cookies to the physician’s office. We often never would even see the doctor and would have to just leave the treats with the secretary.

Fast-forward and one, there are more regulations now on giving gifts to providers (although cookies and treats are so small that it’s still “okay”).

But more importantly, the focus in today’s market is to grow a stronger bond with your referring medical practices. So although you can bring little treats, there may be a better method to try first. And then maybe save the treats for after you’ve made a strong bond, and the sweets could be then used for “thinking of you” gifts.

How to find local physicians to connect with:

According to Core Medical (, here are some helpful tips to find physicians in your area:

  • Begin by going to the “doctor locator” for each medical insurance you take.
  • Do a search for doctors who also take the insurance you take. This is important to let the doctor know there won’t be any insurance problems and that you both accept the same plans.
  • Limit your search to a very strict radius. Location is absolutely key — too far and other doctors won’t bother with referrals. Plus, it’s a really easy sell when you tell them, “I’m right up the road from you, neighbor!”
  • Make a list of everyone you want to meet with.
  • Contact each doctor ahead of time to see if there is a convenient time for them. Keep your pitch in their favor. It is ok to say things like, “I have a ton of patients with x, y, z condition and I need someone to send them to, can we meet?”
  • Drive over to their practice, keep it short and sweet, but go equipped with business cards, brochures, and marketing materials.”
  • Social media and google are also great search locations as well. Asking your friends, family, peers if they know great physicians in your area is another idea that may be helpful.

What are effective ways to connect to Physicians?

We’ve seen some innovative ideas with eBooks. It’s very easy to get self published on Amazon and then order several copies to distribute to local practices in your area.

We’ve also seen innovative usage of podcasting and social media groups. Dr. Mike Chua of GeriHab is a great example of this, where he interviews local practitioners of all professions, and this allows him to create a dialogue with these medical professionals and after that create relationship between providers.

Just being an exemplary clinician is another way. When you have amazing results with patients, this often leads to them mentioning you to their physicians or other medical team members, family, and friends.  Hopefully your patients could open the door to a wonderful physician relationship as well.

Keep in touch with Doctors

It’s so hard to create relationships with medical providers, and often this is the aspect that’s heavily focused on. But it’s equally important to continue to foster the connection even after it’s made.

Make sure to set reminders on your calendar to send a little holiday card or email to your connections and reach out one a month or once a quarter to collaborate with the physician provider.

Even just a quick email thanking the physician for sending you a patient and updating them on how well your shared patient is doing, is an effective method of keeping in touch!


It’s important create relationships with a variety of medical providers, including physicians, in addition to focusing on other techniques to gain patients such as SEO and advertising. The key when performing relationship with any healthcare professional is to have the relationship be built on a real and no superficial foundation, be mutually beneficial, and maintain that relationship throughout the year with little check ins.

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