As a speech-language pathologist (SLP), your days are often filled with word-free communication. Initial therapy visits usually begin with simple cues, like smiling, pointing, and nodding.

The hope is that your patient will progress to saying simple one-word responses. After months of therapy, the patient’s vocabulary may increase to hundreds of words. These positive changes enrich lives and reinforce professional fulfillment.

However, administrative and documentation demands distract from that joy. As a modern speech-language pathologist, you need EMR tools that allow you to focus on adding one more word to your patient’s vocabulary. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a comprehensive therapy practice management and EMR solution.

Online Appointment Scheduling for Speech-Language Pathologists

Electronic appointment scheduling is a necessary tool for SLPs. Missed appointments contribute to a significant loss of progress. With an appointment scheduling tool, therapists can improve time management and reduce missed appointments.

One of the benefits of hiring more than one SLP is that your patients never have to miss a therapy session, even if someone is on maternity leave or out sick. Therapy practices that employ multiple SLPs find that sharing calendars promotes cohesive scheduling.

Web-based scheduling apps are crucial for speech-language pathologists because therapy is often not in a clinic but at a school, retirement facility, or home.

The Importance of Electronic Billing for SLPs

Medical billing software simplifies billing and payments. Therapists can access patient records, process claims, submit bills, and track payments. With easy-to-use electronic billing, many tasks are automated, which saves time and money.

SLPs report that billing and recording are the most frustrating parts of the job. Inadequate documentation often equates to insufficient reimbursements. EMR billing software helps speech therapists provide the specific, detailed information the payor requires.

Electronic billing will give you data insights that help determine your practice’s financial health. An integrated billing software saves time, improves efficiency, and increases revenue.

Data Tracking for SLPs in EMR Software

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are measurements of quantifiable activity and the success of initiatives. As an SLP, measurable objectives are foundational to the success of your patient care. Why wouldn’t we also make data tracking part of our business care plan?

With data tracking, speech-language pathologists can track patient progress, and businesses can track practice improvement. SLPs receive prompt feedback, and clinics can see how they compare to industry standards. This consistent evaluation ensures that your patients receive the best care.

EMR Patient Portal for Speech-Language Pathologists

With patient portal availability, users can fill out forms and submit paperwork from the comfort of their homes. They don’t have to spend endless time in the waiting room filling out forms. The patient portal tool makes their visit easier while streamlining your intake process.

After a medical or therapy visit, patients frequently feel like they drank from an informational fire hydrant, and information overload is real! With patient portal access, users can review notes, which helps them take ownership of their schedule and health.

EMR Software and Teletherapy for SLPs

In 2020, COVID-19 forced the medical world to think outside the box and lean into innovative technology. Though not everyone welcomed the changes, health care is forever altered. Some of these changes have proven to be beneficial.

Easier access: Telehealth software provides you with easier access to patients, especially home-bound or those in rural communities.

Additional patients: Telehealth differentiates your practice from others. With the busyness of family life, many people are looking for therapy practices that offer teletherapy.

Patient compliance: Telemedicine improves patient compliance. The added level of accountability helps motivate patients to do their “homework.” Sometimes, families can’t come to the clinic due to sickness or circumstances. Virtual appointments decrease the number of missed visits.

Increased revenue: With remote availability, additional patients, and reduced missed sessions, therapy practices observe an increase in revenue with telehealth.

Remote work: More and more SLPs are working from the comfort of their homes. Teletherapy maximizes your efforts and decreases commute times.

With new remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) coding, speech therapists can charge for digital services appropriately. Many therapy practices charge the same for virtual visits as in-clinic visits. Virtual software has proven to be a beneficial innovation in technology.

Secure Documentation Software for Speech-Language Pathology

Over the years, healthcare has become increasingly specialized. Sharing patient information among the different specialties is vital for comprehensive care. However, protecting patient data remains a challenge and concern for medical practices.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was established in 1996 to protect patient information while collaborating for improved outcomes. Maintaining secure documentation protects your practice from privacy-related fines and poor publicity.

When purchasing a comprehensive EMR solution, look for secure documentation software that does the following:

  1. Encrypts emails and texts
  2. Securely store patient records
  3. Creates secure passwords
  4. Provides data backup encryption
  5. Gives privacy notifications

Integrated, Cloud-Based Platform is Important Speech-Language Pathology

Integrated, cloud-based software provides easy access to patient information. Wherever you are practicing — at home, clinic, school, or retirement facility — it has never been easier to access pertinent information.

A cloud-based platform ensures that notes aren’t lost, and files are securely saved. Collaboration, efficiency, and workflow are enhanced with web-based EMR tools.

SLPs don’t want to waste time with duplicate documentation and disjointed tools. An all-in-one EMR, therapy practice management, and billing software streamlines your administrative duties.

Recap: Important Tools for Speech Language Pathologists for Their EMR Software

Modern speech-language pathologists need tools that deliver efficient, easy-to-use EMR software. Are you weary of wasted time on inefficient documentation and data tracking? HelloNote is here to help.

We are a team of therapists who understand your daily dilemmas and difficulties. We created innovative and intuitive EMR software that allows you to focus on patient care rather than repetitive, menial tasks. If you are looking for practice management software designed for therapists, contact HelloNote today.

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