As a healthcare professional, you may be struggling to keep your clinic afloat- with declining reimbursement models and decreased patient visits to name a few, but fret not – here are 4 easy and quick revenue streams you can into your current physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy practice! In fact. now is the perfect time to capitalize on current events and develop novel ways of treating your patient’s.

1. Create an online course(s): The first option is to create and/or offer online courses for other rehab professionals.

Do you specialize in a niche that you think more people should offer? Or do you have a unique certification that makes you more knowledgeable on a specific topic than most rehab professionals? If so, then you should be getting the word out there through creating and offering an online course. Plus, once you create a course that offers value, you have the opportunity to get CEU approval for the course for your discipline. With CEU approval, you have achieved a win-win situation for you and your customers, and most likely you will see an increase in course enrollment once people know they can receive CEU credit towards their license for it.

2. Live Classes Online: A second option is to utilize live streaming/webinars to reach your target population and address concerns or issues that people are really struggling with right now.

For instance, when businesses began shutting down, most of the work-force transitioned to working from home which has opened a whole new door of medical issues. According to an article in Stanford News, 42% of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full-time. That is an incredible number. Think about how many people do not have an ergonomic friendly workspace set up at home? Or the number of people who become so consumed with work that they forget to take breaks resulting in a lack of movement?

As healthcare professionals, we are well aware of the adverse health effects, inactivity and improper ergonomics can have on the body and its systems, but most people are not. Providing a webinar/live stream on your Facebook business page that educates the communities on these topics can not only help grow your revenue, but also grow your network and potential future referrals for your clinic.

3. Tele-Health: Another option would be to offer telehealth therapy services which is something that the healthcare and rehab world is trending towards right now. There are countless benefits to offering telehealth appointments and many individuals are a lot more receptive to this type of therapy than they ever have been in the past. Providing telehealth appointments prevent a lapse in patient care while receiving rehab in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s own home. Telehealth is now recognized as medically necessary and most insurances are reimbursing telehealth healthcare appointments to reduce the financial burden for patients. Also, there are several EMR software’s, such as HelloNote that are now offering a safe and secure video conference feature so that telehealth appointments can remain HIPAA compliant. If you and your clinic are not already offering telehealth rehab, then I highly recommend looking into this option for patients who are higher risk or do not feel comfortable coming into your clinic during this time, but who would still benefit from rehab services for overall improved quality of life.

4. Author your own Book: A fourth option is to write your own eBook and start selling it on Amazon. The idea of writing an eBook has many of the same concepts as providing a webinar/live stream or providing a course, pick your niche or something you specialize in that more people should be aware of and write a book about it! Are you a certified strength and conditioning specialist? If so, why not write about the overall benefits of weight lifting, including a beginner’s guide to weight lifting that addresses the importance of the posterior chain and why strengthening all muscles of the posterior chain is so critical to reducing low back pain?

The possibilities truly are endless as long as you pick something you have knowledge and are passionate about. The key to being successful with an eBook is determining your patients pain point and offering a solution or information that leads to a solution.

The above are only a few of the many possibilities for additional streams to increase the revenue of your rehab practice. The overarching theme is to find something you are passionate and have the knowledge about and then offer that in some educational form to improve the knowledge and/or the quality of life for others.

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