Our Goal

We can provide all of the resources your students need to become literate in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). We are the only community-driven EMR built by therapists. We encourage feedback and features so we can develop solutions for real-world problems.

Our educational environment allows students to learn how to electronically document and use EMR for practice management.

Students will have the opportunity to practice documentation and billing claims which will increase confidence of using an EMR system prior to graduation.

Join us on our mission to create a superior learning tool.

We are a team of therapists and we are well aware of the problems practitioners face with the current EMRs on the market. We know how frustrating dealing with paperwork is—it can suck the life out of you. So we built HelloNote because we want your life as a therapist to be as easy as possible.

Here at HelloNote, we are dedicated to finding solutions to help make your practice management more efficient. We created a superior and intuitive EMR to help you worry less about repetitive, menial tasks, spend more time with your patients and provide them with better quality care.

The Journey

Not too long ago, we realized there was a pressing need for an EMR that actually makes documentation easier. There were plenty of software out there, but none of them did the job well and made practice management more efficient.

We dreamed of an EMR that will transform the way therapists conduct their business and in 2009, an idea was born. We dreamed of a software that will answer every need a therapist has when it comes to documentation.

So we built HelloNote from the ground up in spite of our relative inexperience. We met with very enthusiastic (and important) men in expensive suits for funding but we could not find a home good enough for our idea.

Our dream of a superior EMR was put to a halt—and this turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to HelloNote. The pause allowed us to mature as developers and therapists. It allowed us to learn a lot more about the industry. We gained clearer perspective and we knew which direction we wanted our EMR to take.

In 2013, we assembled a team of super individuals who turned our vision of a superior EMR into reality. Fast forward to today, we are more than proud to give you an EMR that understands your needs as a therapist. An EMR that is efficient and reliable; one that can take on the herculean task of documentation, scheduling and billing with ease.

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